Contribute to OTASKI or hosted projects

Contributions are what makes OTASKI and its hosted projects exist, and what makes new technologies available to everyone for free. They can take many forms, listed below. The best way to contribute is generally to offer your knowledge or expertise in certain domains to advance projects or suggest them new exploration paths. That way, you are actively taking part in the technologies and science researches that will benefit the human race in open ways. Other contributions can be either made to the organization for the organization, to the organization for a particular hosted project, or directly to hosted projects.

Contributions to OTASKI, for OTASKI

What the organization needs most is people volunteering and new projects joining (see below). The running costs should be very low, with only this website to be maintained.

Main tasks of people working for the OTASKI would be:

  • Hunt for grants and donations,
  • Help spread the word so that the organization gets known and projects make hosting requests by themselves,
  • Search projects that could be proposed for referencement or hosting,
  • Help with legal issues like licences, terms of use or infringement,
  • Manage money for fully-dependent hosted projects and redistribute money to projects.

If you want to contact us for anything, like sharing a link to a project that might be referenced or offering your help, contact us on twitter @OTASKI or send an email to the address is obfuscated to fight spam, sorry, you'll have to download the image to see it.

Contributions to OTASKI, for hosted projects

Contributions to hosted projects at the OTASKI level are generally money donations or sometimes tools or hardware required for the research. Manpower is directly managed by each project, see just below. Contributions can be directed to hosted projects in general or a particular hosted project. Some projects may not be able to handle donations and money, in which case OTASKI offers them this management. Ways to donate are presented at the bottom of the page.

Contributions to a particular project

Projects, on their own website, should describe more precise ways of contributing than sending money to the project as a whole. For example, they may suggest a list of needed hardware and a list of open issues that they would be pleased to see answered by experts of the domain. OTASKI does not manage this. The best approach for everyone is probably that if you, as a visitor, read something wrong or something that you can improve on a project website, if you have the capabilities to make an experiment described on it, you shall propose your help to the project on your own.

It was proposed to keep a list of contributors wanted for all projects on this page, maybe it will be done soon.

Join the OTASKI with your project

Why join?

A hosted project is a project featured by OTASKI, and supported in some ways, always for free. It can be either fully-dependent or slightly-dependent on OTASKI. A fully-dependent project requires OTASKI to manage its money, i.e. donations and payments. A slightly-dependent project may only use a link and description on OTASKI website, or some other free services for all hosted projects:

  • Hosted projects are presented in the projects page, with an icon, a summary, a paypal donation button,
  • Hosted projects can have a subdomain of, like For now, we don't provide Web hosting nor SSL certificates because we don't have the resources to,
  • A list of contributions wanted by each project may be soon be kept on the OTASKI's website, as well as a publications list if any.

How to join?

To propose your project as a hosted project, send an email to the address is obfuscated to fight spam, sorry, you'll have to download the image to see it containing the project name, contact information, a description for display on the projects page (text and picture), services that you need from OTASKI, and a small text about the expected results, like what it will achieve or how it will benefit to the world. Projects will be accepted only if they follow properly OTASKI's ideas.

To donate money to the OTASKI as a whole, which will help OTASKI volunteers and might also help several projects, you can use the paypal donation button on the right.


To donate money to a particular hosted project, a donate button is available aside each project on the projects page. To donate money to hosted projects in general by letting OTASKI manage the shares, but not for OTASKI volunteer work, use the donate button on the right.

For more specific donations, like hardware gifts, joint publications propositions, or offer other money transfer methods, please contact us at the address is obfuscated to fight spam, sorry, you'll have to download the image to see it or contact directly projects managers.

For updates on OTASKI and its projects, follow us on twitter: @OTASKI tw