Mission Statement

What we want to achieve

OTASKI's mission is to provide unlimited access to science results and technology advances, and to host open research worldwide.

Advances in science and technology benefit to all mankind. However, scientific research leading to new or improved technologies is often private or kept confidential, and exploited by a single company. OTASKI features projects with various objectives, like reproducing private research in open ways, evaluating innovative solutions and making results part of the free common knowledge, or freely implementing public research results or immature technologies.

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Our Projects

Open projects for free science

One project is currently hosted by OTASKI. Feel free to join it or make your project referenced or hosted by OTASKI.

Low-cost access to space

Following the main idea from the N-Prize contest, this project studies aeronautics and aerospace technologies that would offer space access at very low cost for small payloads, based on air-to-orbit design. Visit project website »

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Participate or fund new science

Participate to the OTASKI, help spread the word, open knowledge is the future.

Help funding OTASKI and OTASKI hosted projects, help making OTASKI a reference.

Offer your knowledge and expertise to make science for hosted projects, or create a new open science or technology project.

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For updates on OTASKI and its projects, follow us on twitter: @OTASKI tw